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14 best marketing tips For 2024

14 Best Marketing Tips for 2024

Clear Call To Action

Have a clear and big call to action. Make stand out. People often can not find it an therefore don’t buy.

Website Speed Matters

Sites that load slowly do not sell. People h a limited attention span and will leave be t loads if it takes too long

Provide Gurantee

A good guarantee will do more for you than editing and re-editing the sales message for hours. Reverse the risk. Make it a no-brainer.

Use Stacking

Use stacking. Add bonuses and extra materials/services to increase the perceived value of your offer. 

Value = Perceived value = stacking

Sell before you build.

Even if you don’t have the product yet. Refund if needed. Then build. Only after you’ve been able to establish a proof of concept.

Study Tools

Your competitors are the best market research tool you have. They’ve gone through all the trouble. Study them. There’s usually a good reason as to why they’re doing what they’re doing.

Urgency and Scarcity

Urgency and scarcity are crucial. People who want to buy often need that little kick in the butt to take action NOW.


Network. You always need other professionals like developers and designers to support your marketing efforts. Otherwise you’ll get stuck.

Show them Proofs

Proof is more important than good copywriting. If you’re solving a burning pain problem and people don’t buy it’s because they don’t believe you.

Clarity > Cleverness

Good copywriting does not equal clever copywriting. It’s in fact the opposite in most cases.

Market > Offer > Copywriting.

The market you’re selling in is more important than the offer which is more important than the way you sell it.

Sell before you build.

Solve a Urgent Problem

Solve a problem that is Urgent Now. If possible
The best thing to sell is a painkiller (burning problem). Not a vitamin (prevention).

High Ticket Product

  • Tripwire products (low-ticket that are the first sale) are like socks.

  • They stop being functional (people stop buying) and then you replace them.

  • The goal is to get people in the door to sell them your “hero product” – the high ticket one.

Understand the Niche Concept

  • Always try to niche down when selling a high-ticket product.

  • Always try to go as broad as possible when selling a low-ticket product.

  • Unless the goal of the low-ticket is to get people in the door for the high-ticket.

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